For this week we are profiling someone whom we believe is a rising Billava Star. Kalpita Poojarthi is 26 years old and was born to Jayanthi Poojary and Late Vijay Poojary. Her home town is Mulki. She has completed her BCA and BCOM from Mumbai University.

She was raised by her mother who was a single parent and also by her aunt Suguna Kotian. Kalpita considers both of them as the ‘pillars of her life’.

She has won numerous awards during her college and career days and they just keep on coming. She won the award for Best Traditional Dress where she was dressed up with a Poojari look. She has walked for fashion shows and won Best Walk Award in College Youth Fashion Fest 2010.

She has done a  small role in Maharana Pratap serial and also took part in various stage shows in college days.


Current Working for Icici prudential life insurance company ltd as Senior Financial Service Manager for standard chartered bank( banca assurance)

Awards for her exemplary performance

1) Protection Camps- November 2015

2) Acquisition     Super Camps – Jan 2016 ( R & R in Alibaug)

3) JFM FULL MARATHON – May 2016 ( Rewards and Recognition in Hyderabad)

4) International Summit Award – Nov 2016 ( R & R in Thailand -Bangkok)

5) Sailing Regatta Award – 15 June 2017 ( R&R in Goa)

6) Trophy of Honour Award – 15 June 2017 ( R & R in Goa)

She is also interested in Event Handling, Script writing and writing blogs.

Kalpita was a part of the core team that organised the MR N Miss Billava 2017 held recently in Mumbai.

When asked  on her association with the Billava Group and how she contributes to it, she said “I feel very proud to call myself a Billava .Its been years that I am part of the Billava group and very active member in all the events and do attend most of Guru Puja and the important meetings.

Nilesh Poojary Palimar , the youth chairman who always motivated me to be the part of all the events and he believes in me and he always try to keep all the youth together that is the reason I am associated with the Billawar group”

On being asked as to what she thinks should be done to improve the Billava community she says “I Think One Caste One Religion One God that line says it all. If all believe in it we will truly be one. We all youth should support in each other success and also need seniors support and motivation for improving and bringing out new ideas .“

Finally we asked  her thoughts on our site

“It made me very happy when i got to know about the website for the first time when started promoting Mr N Miss Billava Event . I felt happy because you are truly the supporter of the event and also the hunters of young talent.. You provide the platform to recognise others achievement and talent and allow to evolve by introducing them to the society.. I wish whole heartly all success for your future. “


Kalpita aims to be an Entrepreneur and  a social worker in the future. Billava.One team wishes her all the best for her future.


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